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Vishu celebration reflects both happiness and prosperity. People from all religious faiths together celebrate Vishu as the state festival. It is said that there is a Malayali in every nook and corner of the world, and Vishu is certainly one of the festivals they all celebrate. These days, individual residences have been taken over by multi-storey apartment towers. So there is more to festival celebrations in an apartment too, although from the outside it may seem all is quiet inside.

Of course, Vishu does seem rather passive for a special occasion until the firecrackers go. That is when people’s valor gets tested to an extent. However, before the Vishu day even starts, the preparations begin. The day is usually started with the “Vishukani”.

How to Set Vishukkani in your Apartment

While “Vishukani” literally refers to the first thing seen on the day, Malayali people form one at their house or apartment. It has to be prepared the night before Vishu and consists of an “Uruli”, or the bell metal vessel, an oil lamp, rice, golden cucumber, lemon, coconut, jackfruit, mango, betel leaves, incense sticks, Cassia fistula, and more. The fruits and vegetables are placed in the vessel and the setting in front of Lord Vishnu’s photograph or statuette. Traditionally, the Ramayana book is also placed alongside the Vishukkani setting.

However, as said, if you do not have all these items for the setting, it does not mean you have to run to a department store in your area to get what you want. Just the Lord Vishnu’s photograph, an oil lamp, coconut, and the presence of your parent are all that is needed to make it work.

Usually, it is an elder member in the family, who wakes other members from sleep, with their eyes covered, and takes them to the room where the Vishukkani is set. Then, they all offer prayers to the almighty. Traditionally, this is how Vishu starts in each Malayali’s house or apartment. Elder members of the family will have to get up early morning to get Vishukkani, and then give the other family members a small token or “Vishu Kaineettam”.

Even if you have recently moved into your new flat from Trinity Builders Ernakulam, celebrating Vishu will also be on your wish list. After all, it is a new start to a New Year of harvest.