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Eco-Friendly Apartment

Today’s world is adversely affected by climate change. This is a direct result of the lifestyle followed by the majority of the world population. How every household goes about their everyday activities contribute to the climatic patterns seen in the future. Therefore, it is high time that we adopted a positive lifestyle that does not cause any harm to the environment. The best way to accomplish this is to adopt eco-friendly ways of living in your apartment as Trinity Builders Ernakulam always advocate. Below are some of the simple living hacks for an eco-friendly lifestyle in your apartment.

Bring in LED Bulbs

This is an outdated idea, but there are still people who stick to the old incandescent bulbs. It is time that we forget about these and switch to the LED bulbs, which save energy drastically in comparison to the former, and lasts about 13 years.

Tidy the Fridge Coils

The fridge coil is a very important component that affects the energy use of the device. Therefore, by keeping these clean by using a brush, you can ensure a smooth energy transfer and maximum efficiency in its function, reducing wastage.

Use More Rags and Avoid Paper Towels

If you are still using paper towels, then think again. The impact you are creating on the environment this way is huge. It is time to avoid these and use reusable cloth towels. Further, you can use your old clothes for rags by cutting them up into small pieces. You can clean them together and reuse them.

Shop Vintage

There are always times when you are looking to upgrade furniture. While this is quite natural, you can choose what to buy. Instead of buying new pieces, you can choose to go for vintage pieces. This will not only add a classy look to your apartment, but they will also stop at least one piece from going to waste.

Cold Water for Washing Clothes

Cold water is as effective in cleaning as hot water. Therefore, you can save some valuable energy and a few more carbon footprint by switching to cold water for cleaning purposes from here on.


Try to maximize the use of line driers. These will not only let your dress last longer but will prevent the formation of moss in the rooms. Bring out your clotheslines and dry away.

Use Plants inside your Apartment

You can use a few green plants inside your home. There are multiple benefits to this. This cleans the air inside your space, and also adds to the charm of your place. Trinity Builders Cochin always promotes the use of plants in the living space.